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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Both or Back Better Brushed?

 Hello everyone!

Most of the time amigurimi is made by crocheting through both loops. Lately however, it seems to me that there are more and more people who are making amigurumi, that only crochet through the back loop. Which way is better is not the topic of this post. I have made amigurumi crocheting through both loops and using the back loop only method. When I was thinking about the differences between the two methods, I started wondering: "Which way is the best to brush?"

If you aren't familiar with brushing your crochet I will explain it quickly for you. Once you are finished crocheting your project, you take a pet brush like the one in the photo below and you brush your project until it is fuzzy.

Brush I used to brush my crochet circles

     I wanted to make a little experiment to find out if something crocheted through both loops or through the back loop only would get fuzziest/fluffiest when brushed.

     I  made two circles. I used the same hook size, the same yarn, and I made both circles the same size. The only difference between the two circles was one was crocheted through both loops and one was crocheted through the back loop only.

Before being brushed

Before being brushed

Here you can see the two circles next to each other before they were brushed.

After taking pictures of the circles, I began brushing them. I noticed that the circle that was crocheted through the back loop only seemed to get fuzzy quicker than the other circle. I brushed each circle until it was really fuzzy. Here are the results:

After being brushed

After being brushed

Here you can see the two circles next to each other after being brushed.

I did not notice a large difference between the two circles on how fuzzy they were. I think they ended up being about equally fuzzy. The back loop only circle took less time to become fuzzy than the both loop circle. If I were making a larger project that I was planning on brushing, I would use the back loop only method if possible.

Which do you think looks fuzziest?

This was a really fun experiment!

Happy crocheting everyone!