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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Decisions! Decisions!

I finished my amigurumi elephant the other day. Now, I need to decide on my next project!! I am working on two VERY simple scarves of my own design. One scarf is single stitch and the other is double stitch and both are less than halfway complete. I am also about to make an octopus (from my own pattern that I still need to test) for my friend's birthday next week. I need to get started on that! My favorite types of projects are amigurumi. :)

These are just some random questions that I was curious about. Answer in a comment! :)
Do you guys have any projects that you're working on? Do you make you're own patterns? What is your favorite type of project to make?


  1. I am working on a unicorn, wich is a CAL (crochet-along) from the group 'Awesome Amigurumi' at Ravelry. I sometimes make my own pattern, but there are still so much patterns to explore I don't do it really much. Sometimes to get my brain distracted from all my schoolwork etc... My favorite type of project is amigurumi!

    Caitlin (13 year old girl who LOVES to craft)