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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Finished Hat and Mozart

First topic: I finished my hat! (Yay!)
I finished my hat! I really like the pattern. It is a very simple hat and the pattern is very simple as well. I finished my hat in a few hours. It just took me a while to post an update. Here is my hat! Tada!!

I had run out of the tan color but I thought it needed one more row. I used dark brown yarn for the last row. I am really happy I did the last row in dark brown because I think it gives the hat a nice look. I showed a picture of it to my sister and now she wants one. Since she asked for professional colors, I will either make her a gray hat with the last row black or a light gray hat with the last row dark gray.

Here is the link to the pattern if you would like to make your own hat :)

Now, onto the second topic: Mozart
I stumbled upon a blog and one of the blog posts was about taking care of your dogs on July 4th. (Here is the link to the post: Take Care of Your Doggies This Fourth!!!) I really wish I saw this before the Fourth because I have dogs and they did not have fun! They stayed inside, but they were still scared of all the loud noise from the fireworks. One of the suggestions was to play some calm music for your dogs. That reminded me of something that I had heard before (I am not sure where I heard it). It reminded me that classical music calms dogs. One of the more calming classical composers I know of is Mozart. I looked up what Mozart songs are calming for dogs, then I looked those songs up on YouTube. I started playing the music and all my dogs fell asleep. I will definitely start playing classical music for my dogs more often!! 

Question: Do you like classical music?   Please feel free to leave an answer in the comments :)

Have a great day everyone!! 

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