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Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic and Ravellenic Games

      As you may or may not know the Olympic Games start today and that also means that the Ravellenic Games start today as well. I have several projects planned for the Ravellenic Games. I have several crochet projects as well as knit projects planned. When choosing my projects I tried to choose projects that I could get done in a relatively short amount of time. I wanted to challenge myself with how many project I could get done but not over extend myself.

     Ravellenic Games Flag Logo Thingy

I have three crochet projects planned and three knitting projects planned.

Two of the three crochet projects are baby hats. I am using a different pattern for each hat. The pattern that I am using for the first hat is Lickety Split Crocheted Newborn Hats The pattern I am using for the other hat is Crochet Baby Beanie. I am planning on donating these hats to a charity so I am using acrylic yarn to make them. I am planning on using the purple yarn with the silver strand in it for the first hat and the sage green color yarn for the second hat.

My other crochet project is Round Bumpy Scrubbie. I am making this out of some cream colored cotton yarn. 

For my knitting projects, I chose projects that would help me get better at knitting and learn more knitting skills. 

My first knitting project I have planned to make is the Waffle Knit Dishcloth. I have not knit very many different stitch combinations so this will be an adventure to try. I chose this pattern because it isn't like anything I have knit before (which isn't really saying much haha) I am planning on making this in purple cotton. I will most likely not use it as a dishcloth but I will probably use it as a blanket square.

My second knitting project is one that I have made before it is Monster Chunks. The first time I made a Monster Chunk the stitches weren't very tight and I had to put lining in it so the stuffing wouldn't show through. I chose this project because I want to improve my knitting in the round. I am using a multicolored blue yarn for the body (I think, I might change my mind) and a light dusty blue color for the feet. 
Body Color (Maybe)
Feet Color (It is kind of hard to see but it is a gray blue color)

My last knitting project that I have planned is Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth. I have made this pattern before, but I did not do the increases and decreases that are suggested in the pattern. This time I am planning on doing the increases and decreases that are suggested in the pattern. I chose this pattern to learn and practice a different way to increase and decrease. I am not sure what yarn I am going to use for this project yet. Perhaps I will use scrap yarn.

I know this post had a lot about knitting in it that is why I am planning on starting a blog just about my knitting adventures. 

I will post updates on the progress of all my Ravellenic projects both knitting and crochet throughout the games. I am really excited for the Olympics and Ravellenic Games to start!! :D :D

I hope you all have great days today!! 

A question for the comments: Are you excited for the Olympics to start? 

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